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It’s a brand new world. Digital and social technologies have evolved and merged to leave those who don’t understand them out of the party. The secret is simple. Connect strategically but emotionally with your clients. And even while a lot of agencies out there are claiming to do so, very few of them really understand what it takes to deliver real results.

With a team of trendy media experts from all around the world, and comprehensive design-focused branding and multimedia marketing, The Rancon Company is reinventing te way industry leading brands are marketing online and creating content.


From spectacular content creation and social media development to customer acquisition and strategic planning our job is to help you every step of the way to tell your story and ultimately reach more clients.

Our work has been featured in some of the biggest media outlets in the world such as Forbes, Business Insider, CNN, Elle, The Hollywood Reporter, TMZ, GQ and many others.

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Billionaire Developer Richard Lewis Buys First Penthouse In L.A.'s Exclusive Beverly West - Forbes

Something big has crowned in Los Angeles. Emaar Properties, developer of Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building)...

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Royal Fragrance Is World's Most Expensive ($1.5 Million Per Bottle) - Forbes

What do you get the person who has everything? A fragrance fit for royals. The world’s most expensive fragrance bottle...

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A French perfume brand makes $20 million, diamond-encrusted bottles and flies... - Business Insider

A French luxury brand is betting that the world's wealthiest people will pay a lot for a fancy bottle of perfume....

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If money's no object this Black Friday, and you're willing to spend a bit LOT more on that special someone -- why not drop millions for a fancy smell?...

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Which French perfume brand has clients willing to spend US$20 million on a diamond-encrusted bottle? - SCMP

Wealthy art and jewel collectors as well as fragrance enthusiasts can choose from an exclusive Morreale Paris creation – or they can create a scent from scratch...

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Riddle, l'appli marseillaise qui veut se mesurer aux géants américains - Le Parisien

Avec cette application, on peut déclencher la caméra selfie des portables à distance...

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The Alchemy of Creative Advertising - Thrive Global

To turn water into wine is equivalent to the human talent of recreation and creation of anything that is artistic. Everyone has their own gifted skillset which they make the most out of in their lives – some become legendary lawyers and some become doctors that change the world with the breakthrough formulas in their medicine....

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$1.3M perfume enters race for world's most expensive fragrance - CNN

In 2018, CNN featured Le Monde sur Mesure by French company Morreale Paris, with a bottle finished in two kilograms of gold with 1,000 diamonds, and a unique fragrance designed by the buyer. Morreale Paris told CNN via email that the five-liter bottle sold for $1.8 million....

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Este es el perfume más caro del mundo, ¿su precio? 1.5 millones de dólares - Forbes

La botella de oro y diamantes que resguarda esta fragancia es considerada la más valiosa del mercado. Una nueva fragancia es considerada la más valiosa del mundo..

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Opus: The Making Of A Sexy $100 Million Beverly Hills Mansion - Forbes

Sex sells. It’s why millions of moviegoers were suckered into seeing Fifty Shades of Grey, generally a bad movie. It’s why the sleek Fiat 500 Abarth Caprio looks sumptuous next to a Romanian model...

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They’re using barely dressed models to sell houses now - NEWS.COM.AU

COMPANIES have been using scantily clad models to sell their wares for years. But will barely dressed ladies help sell off some prime Beverly Hills real estate? Former movie producer-turned-real...

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Homeowner uses naked chicks to sell $100M mansion - NY POST

Carl’s Jr. used sexy models to sell burgers for years. But will barely dressed ladies help sell off some prime Los Angeles real estate? Former movie producer-turned-real....

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Y'all, Somebody Made A Damn Movie Trailer To Sell A $100 Million House And It's The Most Fucking Extra Thing Ever - BUZZFEED

Listen, I don't have $100 million, but I do have three minutes and a deep sense of irony, which is why I DEEPLY enjoyed watching this RED BAND TRAILER FOR A DAMN HOUSE...

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Do they come with the house? Semi-naked, gold-painted models star in an outrageous video designed to sell... - Daily Mail

Semi-naked girls covered in gold paint have starred in a raunchy commercial for the most expensive house in Beverly Hills. Luxury firm Hilton & Hyland released a steamy...

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Video for L.A.'s Newest $100M Home Takes the Term "Real Estate Porn" to a New Level - The hollywood reporter

Superdeveloper Nile Niami aims to make a splash with his nine-figure Beverly Hills listing, which has a 10-car museum and a champagne vault...

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